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Welcome to my athletic sports wear and apparel website! Here, I talk only about athletic wear and apparel. My name is Oliver. My wife Maria da Penha and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am a sports and fitness nerd since I was a little child.

About me: I am a holder of a bachelor degree in logistics and supply chain management from university of California. Before starting this blog, I have worked as a logistics consultant for various companies and a freelance writer. This has done nothing to eliminate my love for athletic apparel and shoes. In fact all it has done is to fuel my desire to share my sporting knowledge with the world. Second to athletic shoes and apparel, my next love is cars. I love anything moving. Especially classics and sports cars.(pease edit and insert your information).

So why did I start this blog? I always had a very hard time trying to get a decent shoe for my sporting activities. I have ended up buying low quality athletic shoes because of lack of information. Two years ago I bought a pair of shoes from a local shop only to see them get worn out within less than a year. This is why I have decided to bride this informational gap by starting a website which talks only about quality athletic shoes and apparel. This blog is designed to help both novice and experienced athletes find their way to the best athletic shoe and apparel source they can get, such as Sports Authority and Nike.com. I hope you will find informative my reviews on the latest offers and sales from all the major sporting companies, my instructions on the technologies of every shoe, and my tips of how to choose the best shoe.

Today, many sports companies out there are constantly inventing new technologies and creating new shoes to help you run at your best. The information found on the Internet about these new shoes can be misleading and overwhelming. My blog is there to give you the hard facts. No sugar coating. One of the best shoe stores which I constantly write about and endorse is the Finish Line. These guys produce high quality athletic shoes and apparel at fair prices. You can check additional information by visiting their website Finish line.Com.


My reviews are neutral and independent. We do not get paid to review shoes by any company. Please read my Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for additional details.

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