Amazing Sales and Promo Codes At

Finishline is one of the top online retailers for athletic shoes. If you venture on over to you are going to see that they have various sales throughout the entire year. You will easily find the right shoe for you. You will also notice that these are not just small savings with a few dollars off a handful of products, but we are talking about a full blown sale where you can save as much as 70%. Surely that is enough to grab your attention, isn’t it? Oh yeah, there is also a Finishline promo code available that can give you even better savings on top of those sale prices.

FinishLine Promo Code

If you purchase shoes worth $100 or more, then you qualify for a $10 discount. Just enter coupon 10MARCH100 at checkout.

Examples Of Current Items On Sale

So, just to really stress the point of how good their sales are we should mention just a few of the product areas where you can currently save yourself some cash along with the use of Finish Line coupon codes.


There are a whole host of shoes on sale in the men's department including Reebok Royal Lumina shoes down to only $19.98 from $40, so straight away there is a 50% saving. You don’t need a discount for this. The sale applies directly once you visit the site.

Reebok Royal Lumina

There are other discounts from Nike with their Air Max 95 being reduced from $160 to $89.98 and that is close to a 50% saving as well. With a Finish Line discount code you can save even more. They also have sale prices on socks with Jordan socks having a saving of around 70% with them reduced from $16 to only $.98

There are hundreds of items on there and this is only a small example of what you can expect on their website.


The women's section is just as amazing. Take for example the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3. This shoe was $200, but in the Finish Line sale it is now $84.98 so that is a saving of approximately 60%.

Or, how about the Reebok Z Goddess shoes now priced at $39.98 and reduced from $84? You have Adidas shoes, Nike, Puma, and so many others with savings ranging from around 20% to over 70% and it there is no doubt that there will be something there in the brand you love.

Children also has a number of deals available in their kids department and this is a real blessing when you think about how fast they can go through shoes at an early age. You are looking at being able to pick up a pair of Fila shoes for under $10. Reebok Reverse Jam at under $20, apparel with a Jordan fleece jacket for less than $20, socks, Adidas shoes at under $20, the list really is endless, but to make life easier you can search the sale items according to brand name just by clicking at the side of the page. Oh, and they also split it up into girls and boys just to make things even easier as well.

Basically, there are so many items on sale at that there really is pretty much no reason to pay full price at any point. Finish Line promotion codes and sales do change, so the advice is to keep checking back to coupon sites like Retailmenot, as you never know how much money you are going to save. However, do keep in mind that you can use Finish Line discount codes on top of these sale prices and keep an eye out for the free shipping offer on certain products because surely keeping more money in your product whilst also getting the items you want is the perfect solution for everybody.